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Hillary Clinton “clearly having some type of medical episode” & had to be helped into van by her protective detail at WTC

The Walking Corpse isn’t going to make it…apparently….

Cant even stand a few minutes without passing out…even loses shoe and has to be carried into medivan

Bubble head boy carries her off to waiting medical van…during 911 satanic ceremony anniversary

There has been no official statement from the Clinton campaign yet.
Thanks to ABC and NBC we do know that Clinton left the Sept 11 ceremony about 45 minutes ago when the “medical incident”is said to have happened, however the press has not been told where, while aides are not responding to questions about her whereabouts.

Jim Hoft, aka “Gateway Pundit” tweeted moments ago that he does in fact have a video of Hillary’s medical emergency and it will be posted soon.

The Walking corpse uses doubles. The real witch has sharp blue eyes, mostly her public pics show dark brown or black eyes…doubles. 

Which means…we get a double in the white house. At some point they have to lose the hildebeast because the creature cannot do the public thing any longer. 

Then we get the replacement double. COUNT ON IT.