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Hillary is installed and our punishment is deserved

Hillary hasn’t tried crying for a while.

First time she ever attempted to tear-up was during the ’08 campaign, but she almost popped her left eye out.

Next time, when she was accused of being “cold”, she just hired John Boehner to wet the joint up.

Soon, she will try warming our hearts with the Granny Shtick. She will probably pop-in in front of the cameras with her grandchild impaled on a broomstick crying “I AM WITH HER!!! I AM WITH HER!!!”   😉

Back when Hillary Clinton ran for the senate, our local radio station libertarian/comic pair –  they (John and Ken?) often were hilarioius – played, over and over and over again for two days a odd “porpoise-like” sound Hillary made during an interview. It was, in fact, a strange sound that human beings do not normally produce. A day or two later, a clinical psychiatrist called into the program to explain: That sound is the result of a professional (or professionals) trying to teach someone (Hillary Clinton) without normal human emotions the concept of humor and how to laugh so as to appear human to the voters.


Here’s a wild prediction: she agrees to a debate and then COUGHS-out in the first 5 minutes, unable to continue.
Blame for the coughing-fit then gets blamed on Trump’s lack of sensitivity.
It could happen.
 What everyone needs to understand is that there is no behavior by Hillary Clinton that would dissuade her supporters from voting for her. If her head fell off during the debates and rolled around with demonic spirits flying out, it wouldn’t mean a thing to a democrat.
In two months you’ll probably have to swear allegiance to Hilliary prior to being allowed to log into the internet /s

I’m only half joking. They’re clearly terrified of an October Surprise from the hacks. I didn’t see any mention of this, but a few days ago Snowden published a hash on twitter that set people buzzing — and while that in itself was interesting, the fact that multiple major torrent sites all went down nearly simulaneously tells me TPTB’s plan B really is shutting down the internet. I could easily see their so-called cyber pearl harbor happening the moment they catch wind of hard documentation of major federal crimes by Hillary and the current adminstration.

It’s also no accident that suddenly Swenden has caved on interviewing Assange within the embassy. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a major incident that arises from that decision.

It also seems like the shrieking from the liberal side is so loud and constant I think there’s a real danger that people will just tune it out by then. Meanwhile, I’ve literally had people tell me the media being so extreme about Trump is making it more likely they will vote for him.

Crazy election.


tells me TPTB’s plan B really is shutting down the internet
That’s not the plan.  There have been several white papers published about the effect of completely shutting down the Internet during times of political turmoil.  The conclusions of every one of these white papers is that every government that has tried this has had its digital ass handed back to it in a very bad way.
What would happen is what we already see happening currently, except on a broader and more massive scale.  For example, if you try to send an email with certain words or combinations or words, your email just won’t go through.  If you try to post a comment with those certain words or combinations of words, your comment might very well appear only to you, but not to anyone else.  They do this already on some sites.
There also exists the technology to map everyone that you call by telephone.  Also the contents of each and every call are currently stored.  Likely the calls are not automatically scanned by voice recognition but are simply compressed and digitally stored for future reference if needed.  My understanding is that currently computers are not powerful enough to monitor very common words on a massive simultaneous scale which would be required to digitally flag everyone in the entire country in real time who used certain words or combinations of words.  Quantum computers, optical lattices or superconductor processors might change that ability in the next 50 years.
Bernies supporters were actually on to something when they thought that the special ceramic squares set up above their seating sections were “weird”.  They mistakingly thought they were “white noise generators”.  Actually, the truth is much more insidious than they had originally imagined.  These devices were placed for the purpose of routing digital communications generated by Bernies’ supporters.  Of course, many venues provide boosters for digital communications as a courtesy.  If you look at the pictures provided then, you can see that these devices were quite selectively placed and aimed directly and precisely at the Bernie crowd.  If it were truly a courtesy then these devices would have been positioned only at the HRC supporters.  I can’t imagine that the DNC gave half a shit if Bernies unruly supporters had only 2 bars of signal.
If you truly believe that things will get that bad, you should be certain to have a 56K modem available.  Be sure that it can actually be installed.  Or better yet, keep an old box with Windows XP and a modem in some deep closet.  I truly don’t believe it will get that bad here. Because hell hath no fury like millions of jonesing Face Place and Pooky Man users going through digital withdrawal.  At least some of them might finally get laid when they accidently trip over each other in the confusion of a full Internet shutdown.
Finally, there are proven ways to communicate online that would unlikely to be captured and dev-nulled (deepsixed) in real time by the govt.  If there ever comes a time for you to figure it out how to do that, you should figure out who you know right now that would be able to tell you by word of mouth.  Otherwise, just go to Yahoo Comments. (Yes, you would have to wade through a muckpit).  Look and learn there as to how the autocensor is sometimes circumvented.  That’s not all of it.  But it’s a good starting point.