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Good News for the well-to-do whose biggest problem in winter is where to vacation

Very soon, with the way you’ve manipulated the system to victimize us poor, useless eaters, we will all start dying off pretty soon. Sure. You can count on it. Done deal. See, we don’t have health insurance, so when bad things happen to us, we’re screwed. We’ve no way of paying for outrageous medical services like you can. And what with Fukushima spewing tons of radionucleides into the atmostphere and poisonous chemtrails, we don’t stand a chance. Well done. Kudos to you, dudes and dudettes.

You are vetted, order-obeying cogs in the network machine. We aren’t. Because of our “free jack” status, we don’t have jobs guranteed, insurance on the hoof, a  secure income, or anything. We struggle each and every week to eat and survive. We earn minmum wage – when we can get it –  do our best to stay out of your pissed off way.

We are trying to not be so very visible to your lives. We know it’s upsetting to see proles like us when you drive up in your new car and visit the shops to get stuff. We do try to blend into the background. Really, we do.

But, the way you have made it so very hard to even heat a home or cook a decent meal, we know that with all the food price hikes you and your kind have engineered to finish our kind off, we don’t have much time left. Already, we have to choose between eating or driving, eating or heat, eating or electricity. Christmas presents? Out of the question for us. New computers and clothes? Hahahahahahahahaha.

I haven’t bought clothes for myself since 2004.

So, keep doing what you do best – get yours and F everybody else, and I’ll still hand money (whatever change or bill is in my pocket) to the homeless family begging in front of the discount food store while you zip by, sneering in your brand new Lexus. We’ll try not to burden your life with our hardships, or presence, very much longer. We know it annoys you ad that’s the last thing we want. To have your kind pissing and shouting on TV and radio about us useless eaters, us homeless, us…

the poor of the world.