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Going cashless is literally KILLING India…

  • About 100 or more have committed suicide or died waiting in banking lines unable to access their own money. that’s over 1 billion waiting to access their money for daily activities.

  • 97% of all activity in India is in cash with just 2% using electronic means. 

  • L&T a major infra company wiill fire 14,000.

  • eBay fired about 100.

  • Now Foxconn asking 1,700 to stay at home for now.

  • A Calcutta jute mill fired 1,400.

  • 80% power-looms have shut.

  • All wholesale markets across India are shut.

  • Car sales are down minimum 50%.

  • At least a million industrial, factory and farm workers have been fired.

  • All this is post demonetization.