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Gamma-Tocopherol – Vitamin E in its proper form that does you good

Mixed tocopherol E vitamin complexes are used in the Gerson Therapy and are essential for skin, eyes, and membrane function. The readily available acetate E is junk, stay away from it. Most vitamin is the acetate form and you have to really hunt and look for the mixed tocopherol blend. Buy that. It’s the real deal. Like fake niacin, acetates are stripped of their properties making it a dead vitamin. Niacimide is fake niacin, it does not work, and is pointless to take.

Modern Big Pharma has created whole sets of useless vitamin molecules the body cannot use and does nothing. Get an education on these fakes and find the real thing, or perish for lack of knowledge.

It’s up to you to educate yourself on these issues.


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