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Full White Genocide

It is a master plan of the edomites, who serve Lucifer. The Beast wants the DNA of the remnant destroyed and shifted downward, lowering IQs, etc. When you couple this with communism and and mind control in schools, the blended children, regardless of color, are easily manipulated puppets.

This admixture of DNA works against the strictly groups as divided into 70 main peoples. They want everyone to be a mutt. From the Spanish to the Anglo, Asian, Filipino, et al. By comixing in EVERY case, you bring a more corrupted DNA for EVERY ONE. If you were born Spanish, you were meant to be in a spanish body for a reason; for the lessons and soul experience of that race. Same with any race; we have this difference for a reason. Very good reasons. Each race brings its own blessings to the world.

But when all are a blend you only get mud. Then these cultural gifts disappear for everyone at the loss of everyone. Understand?

That is it.

The big push began in the 1980s and we’ve had nearly 40 years of this and they are almost finished.

The witches were right. All our grand children will be brown.

Welcome to hell, Blofeld.