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Fukushima: the gift (of death) that keeps on giving

Most alternative news stories talk about the Nuclear plant at Fukushima’s meltdown as a one time event. The truth is that more radiation is coming out of that dead zone on a daily basis than ever was released in march of 3011.
At EneNews

1.”Tepco completes covering seafloor with layers of cement mix — More coating used at Reactors 5 & 6 than for Reactors 1, 2, 3 & 4 combined (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)”

2. “NHK admits “the crisis at Fukushima Daiichi is still ongoing” (VIDEO)”

3. “Analyst on Fukushima Reactors: What’s happening with the corium? Where is this”

4. “NHK: Gov’t experts suggest suppression chamber collapsed at Reactor No. 2 on March 14 — Tepco’s analysis “probably does not reflect what actually happened
Let’s face it. The Pacific Ocean is dead to us as a food source. Dead. Enough time has passed now, that the ocean currents – of which all northern hemisphere currents pass by eastern Japan – all carry cesium and other life-killing radioactive particles. Every time you eat fish from the pacific, you are eating nuclear toxins that go straight into your bones AND STAY THERE. Unless you are doing something like the Gerson Therapy (which gets rid of such heavy metals and toxins) then one day, sometime in the future, you will have cancer.
Think of Chernobyl still spewing out constantly the poison it gave eastern Europe and you have an idea of what is happening in the north Pacific, the largest area on earth. The water there is the water here. The air there is the air here.
Oh yeah, The Jet stream actually passes right over northern Japan and then heads west to the USA and beyond, filling the air with all those micro particles of plutonium, cesium, et al. Independent radiation measuring stations all over the western US show levels five to ten times higher than pre-Japan quake levels.
Of course, our government turned OFF their measuring stations. you know, the ones they had setup in the 1950s all over America and during the week after 3-11-11, they TURNED THEM OFF.
Why? Why do that?
Answer is obvious isn’t it. If there is no data to report, than you can say, you aren’t measuring dangerous radiation levels in the air.
Thanks to people like you and me who bought with their own money devices that measure such things, we know THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER. We are being poisoned radioactively and that constantly.
And they think cancer rates are high now…they are going to sky rocket in the future and of course they won’t blame
fluoride, which toxifies the system,
chemtrails, which poisons the system,
Fukushima, which kills biological organisms,
food additives, which starve the body and make it dysfunctional…
et al
No, they will blame what few smokers still light up and anything else that has nothing to do with cancer rates.
I know of many people who have cancer or died from it. NONE OF THEM SMOKED. So, what killed them all.
Cancer rates now are 1 in 2, in an expected lifetime. Imagine 8 for 10 and you have the next few years.
The devils want mass death of the useless eaters and will do everything to make that happen and will enhance any event that furthers their quest for thinning the herd. Happily, they go too. Radiation in the air gets to everybody and that means them. They have to breath and with their soured stunted souls, they don’t have much of a defense against the black hand of death, they themselves have set into motion.