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Fukushima, chemtrails, and the NEW california clean air act

There is a big parade of PSAs against smokers of late. In them, the evil smoker is branded as a murderer of children – that’s how its being sold, as two-minute hate spots for the feeble-minded who prefer to surrender critical thinking to being led around by the nose by liars hiding the real dangers in the air of our time.

That would be radioactive chemtrails. That’s right, RADIOACTIVE CHEMTRAILS. You see, the problem is this: all three reactors at Fukushima in Japan have melted through their respective containment vessels and are now meters away from the water table. This was announced late summer by the Japanese government.

Did you hear about that or read it anywhere, save at this blog? Neither did I.

Did you know that radioactive particulate matter over North America and now, the world is at levels unheard of since the 1950s; since we used to light nukes off like fire crackers every day?

Did you know that every time it rains in Japan or California, your rain water exceeds regulatory radiation standards set in place 50 years ago by a factor of TEN?

Is that kind of TRUTH on the news? Are there any advertisements or PSAs about those little facts?

Oh no. As they did in the fifties, they are pre-blaming the coming sky-rocketing rates on cancer by pre-selling the evil-doer. The lowly cigarette smoker.

I know a great many people in the last twenty years, either directly or inderectly, that have cancer or died from it and NONE OF THEM ever smoked. Ever. Cancer rates in the USA now stand near 50 percent. Think about that number. And as bad as that is, it’s going to get much worse.

Thanks to two factors NEVER MENTIONED by the media:


All those radionuclides and chemtrail particulate matter mix together up there in the atmosphere,  and then descend, into your lungs, eyes, hair, bronchial tubes, mouth, and throat and go in and stay in.

They go in and stay in. Heavy Cesium  and plutonium get in the bones and stay there working their evil magic.

So, why we are going to villianize smoking, remember what’s really killing us all, smokers and non-smokers alike.

Remember the truth of things.

Remember what matters.

The day be a coming…

For you.