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FORT HILLARY: MASSIVE Barriers Just Erected Outside Of Pneumonia Hillary’s Home

Nothing to see here. Huge CONCRETE barriers on the street outside Hillary’s house. What? Don’t you do that when you’re sick?
Hillary has barricaded herself in her Chappaqua home while she recovers from pneumonia.
Her fence was apparently not enough of a barrier:
Photo of Secret Service agents outsider Hillary’s home.

Hillary Clinton has put physical distance between herself and her supporters as she continues to recover from pneumonia, nursing herself from inside her Chappaqua, New York, home.
But large, concrete barriers outside the property and Secret Service officers occupying large black SUVs also block gawkers from getting too close.
Onlookers and media can wander down Clinton’s road until they reach the concrete structures. They must not, however, park on the street or set foot on the grass. Otherwise, police officers will come to shoo them away.

Plastic orange barriers also blocked off much of the rest of her road during Clinton’s first full day inside her home. They had inexplicably disappeared by Tuesday morning…
…It was similarly unable to say how long the concrete structures had been in place and why they were put there. Those semi-permanent barriers have been there for weeks, however.
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So, about that wall…
Share if you think that it’s ironic that Hillary is upset about Trump’s proposed wall, but barricades herself in so she can have privacy while she recovers