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For a soul who listens and obeys and who is blessed of Yahua for doing right

For obeying the word, and putting his heart where our true treasure is, he is this day blessed. Blessed is the soul who comes to understanding, and enlarges the presence of the Most High, I am that I am, in his mind, soul, and body.

27For the LORD of hosts hath purposed, and who shall disannul [it]? and his hand [is] stretched out, and who shall turn it back?

Whenever a GREAT change is about to happen to me or the boys, or both, this same Egret, appears where we are. Last time was when the double hernia occurred, and a friend’s son was in dire straights. I was coming down a hill, and there it was in my lane. It didn’t budge as I approached within mere feet of it and just looked at me. How do I know its the same Egret. By the crook in his neck, no matter the city or county or wherever, the message is delivered. Go to august 2013 and look up what happened with Beaky, who showed up as a confirmation of a most important prayer request. The moment my mother died on 3-18-14, a California Thrasher flew into the house and landed a few feet away and let me walk up to him. I knew at that moment my mother passed away. Two minutes later, I got the call. Dad loves using birds to cinch the answer, when it REALLY MATTERS.
Turns out, an Egrets natural habitat is the ocean and beaches. So explain all the instances it was at 9000 foot elevation in the sierras, Mojave desert, and myriad other locales.