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Food Runs 2021

This last week I’ve been out at the grocery stores and the shelves looked full, until you realized it was only one or two cans upfront on the edge of the shelf, then huge empty spaces behind them. Always was, you grabbed a can of whatever and of course, many cans behind it.

This has not been the case on two different trips.

The only thing that was stocked full was the booze aisle and the cleaning supplies aisle.

As I was walking out, it hit me. All it would take to clean out the main grocery store where I live, would be half a dozen people with about 400 dollars each and all the long keep, easy to store staples would be gone.

So, today, did the same thing at a different store. This place was better stocked, but the signs are there too.

Here’s the thing.

Once a few people catch on to this and they start texting to others, “hey you might want to get your shopping done and get a lot, because things are looking slim for selections at the local feed barn.” 

That day. For that county. Runs will take place. So much so that nervous shop keepers start closing early or putting purchase limits, like ONE PER CUSTOMER.

Again, at that moment, the whole thing gets REAL. It will spread like wildfire everywhere. The shortages become runs which become food lockdowns.

Then the edict will go out and they will have slyly engineered the whole thing, that ONLY THE WEAPONIZED CAN GO SHOPPING.

Then it hits the fan. 

Then the nat guard shows up to enforce the food edicts. The whole thing blamed on the Pure Bloods.

That’s how the last of the Mark of the Beast laws will go down in America.

Mexico doesn’t have shortages nor any MOTB laws, which amazes me. But they will, too. Once the gun country is under lock and key, they’ll deal with the rest of the planets holdouts.

This could happen any day now.