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Federal agents MURDERED SETH RICH!

After the data dump, a “man” with a conscience gets whacked.

 Murdered by his own government, after leaking details of  Hillary’s satanic lifestyle to Wikileaks. Like human trafficking, spirit cooking, you name it. Including Podesta and all the rest of the DNC bigwigs, all witches who rape and murder children, in a most brutal way. Right Debbie?

Seth Rich worked for the DNC (aka thecunt’s money laundering plaything). WikiLeaks happened. Then Rich was murdered late at night in a DC neighborhood. His killer(s) never found. But there is progress toward solving his murder. Yuge, if true:

The Washington, D.C. lobbyist who has been on the hunt for Seth Rich’s killer found a “credible” witness who will identify the two men he believes murdered the DNC staffer.
Jack Burkman, a Washington-based attorney and lobbyist who has worked with a private investigative team to solve the Seth Rich murder mystery, told The Gateway Pundit that the witness has conclusive evidence that will bring Rich’s killers to justice within a month.
“We…have reached the beginning of the end of the Seth Rich murder investigation,” Burkman toldThe Gateway Pundit Monday.  “After two long hard years of work, we have a witness who is prepared to identify the two killers of Seth Rich. One is reportedly a current DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) agent, the other is reportedly a current ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) agent,” Jack Burkman, told TGP in an exclusive interview.

Stay tuned. My intuition was always that something fishy was going on with the Seth Rich murder besides a garden variety nog-on-white racist hate crime.
If an arm of the Deep State was involved with the Rich murder and two government employees were the hired hit men, don’t wake up the next day after the news drops expecting life in America to be the same. It will change everything.

Of course the The witness will “commit suicide” with two shots to the back of the head. Probably by the same killers.

Pretty normal for rogue agents to accidentally slip in the shower and fall into the path of a couple of purely coincidental 9mm rounds, too. Or commit suicide by dropping a car on their own head after taping their own wrists together.

Seriously, it won’t be widely reported and most normal people just won’t believe it’s true unless the WaPo not only reports it, but puts it above the fold on the front page several days running.

 Of course none of this will be reported by any MSM outlet of any kind. Why should they? They are cut from the same cloth. Child raping, baby killing, nasty skanks.

And they all need to go away, Hillary style.

 Please help if you can spare it.

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