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Fasting: Day 9

On the ninth day of fasting, my true friend said to me…


And it can be, if  you want, need, or decide to make real changes in yourself, your life, your path.

Fasting does that. It clarifies and reveals. It cleans and heals. And the junk comes out.

Junk mind, junk food, junk thinking, junk plans, junk activities, all the junk in your life can go, if you can and will see things as they really are.

If you close off your mind, you stay programmed and that junk stays in. Many people are in love with their own lies and programming, for it has defined who they are and all they will ever or can ever, BE. For others, that kind of slavery is worse than death. A trap of the mind and soul, which also traps the body too. If that describes you, than go right ahead. Reinforce the old lies, the programming, the jingostic BS handed down to you from the elitists who’ve been selling that junk to the masses for generations. It’s there for you to swallow and it has become YOUR daily bread.

Eat it and smile.

I constantly run into droids everywhere I go. Battle droids, homemaker droids, politico droids, cop droids…they’re everywhere. Heavily programmed ego monsters in love with their programming. They are IN LOVE with their cages and slavery. Happily so.

And they will and do hate you for your freedom of mind, body, and spirit. Always have, always will. They can smell a freejack a mile away and will always look upon such a one with scorn and contempt. Like drunks, they want everyone else in the room drunk too. The sober guy is hated.

As is the freejack on Earth. A hated thing.