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Fasting: Day 7

On an extended fast, the body takes to healing quite rapidly everything that is out of adjustment, is poorly repaired, or is in an acute or chronic state of malfunction. This happens because a smart fast is one done with organic juices pressed with a low RPM juicer, making a solution of living vegetable and fruit waters popping with vitamins and minerals. Supplied with all this great material, the body goes to work fixing and repairing every single little thing.

While doing this, it also takes the time to eject from the body heavy metals, toxins, and waste matter that have built up within itself over the years. Imagine hundreds of crews all over your body doing what needs to be done, whilst huge garbage trucks haul all the debris away.

Pretty nifty design, by anyone’s assessment and standards.

After a week of this, your body is a full-bore, always working, fix and repair daily machine. What doctors can’t and are unable to do, your body was designed TO DO. Your liver dumps toxins and cleans the blood. So do your kidneys, lymph glands, and every other endocrine organ. Junk comes out of your alimentary canal, your skin, lungs…everywhere. All disgorging poisons from food, chemtrails, medicines, bad dental work, all of it.


Also at this time, you are achieving within yourself a sense of balance. You have good days when you feel like a million dollars and bad days, when the toxic discharge really beats you up. Stay the course. See the thing through.

But mainly, you learn about your own personal biosphere. How the design functions. You also learn about your character. The things within yourself that have held you back and why they’ve had such power over yourself.

You discover how evil ego and arrogance is, seeing with wisdom of humility. You see the power of suggestion, predictability, programming, deep-seated mental and emotional associations that control and influence behavior. Until these are discovered and seen for what they really are, ALL PROGRESS IS AN ILLUSION.

Think upon this and reflect.

Have you ever been in that place of discovery and self-awareness? Do you really know who you are? Where you are going? Why you are going there? What you really need (rather than want)?