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Family says woman died from reaction to coronavirus vaccine


Jeanie M. Evans

NEW YORK – The family of a Kansas woman who died unexpectedly on Wednesday claims it happened from a reaction to the coronavirus vaccine.

Jeanie M. Evans, 68, of Effingham, died at the Stormont-Vail Hospital.

Topeka TV station KSNT reported that Evans had received her shot the day before and was taken by ambulance to the hospital after she started experiencing a reaction.

Her Evans leaves behind three sons, two daughters, a brother, three sisters, 15 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren, according to her obituary.

There have been other cases where families blame the vaccine for deaths.  A Virginia family says 58-year-old Drene Keyes died hours after receiving the vaccine.  State health officials disputed the claims that the death was vaccine-related.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have not confirmed any death connected to a COVID-19.