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Fake truthers

What guru of health do you know, in our time, who is anti weapon, but is still using gates narrative lingo and science to explain the evil to us. Ala, it’s all spike proteins.

Well. We, the world of researchers and you readers, all know that by midsummer, that BS narrative went away because we discovered what the Mrna is and does and the biggy, graphene oxide. So, spike proteins out, truth of graphene and demonic Lucifer’s race, IN.

Yet, the doctors and state CIA assets are still pushing and doing videos on spike proteins, and all that vaccine comedy of lies of how the “vaccine” works. They still call it a vaccine, when every one else is calling it what it really is.

  • the death shot
  • the weapon
  • the kill shot

 We’ve learned so much in the last 11 months. Yet they still sing the Fauci/CDC described fiction of proteins and vaccines and all that blather they were, a year ago, when the companies were telling us prior to release of the weapon, what to expect. 

See the problem?

It’s also a big reveal about these folks. Here’s another tell, one I learned in the early 2000s, when I noticed this happening every single time the CIA brought out another person to control the narrative. Jordan Peterson was the latest guy, in late 2017/2018…

  • They appeared out of nowhere.
  • Instantly were a name everywhere.
  • They had all over the map, instant recognition, like they had been around for years and years, building up a base, and finally getting some real exposure.
  • They were never censored, except at the end, in 2018, when they had to be blacklisted like everyone else, so it wouldn’t show what these monsters REALLY ARE.
  • They were being interviewed, all at once, by all the big, medium, and small lights of media; mainstream and the alt truth reality.
  • They had product lines that went for miles, overnight. Complete with their own brand lines and distribution setups. Usually, that takes years and years to rep up.
  • Most of them had cute little gimmicky monikers…the health liar…the smart man’s psychologist…the truther girls…among many others. Think about it…you can come up with a few your own.
  • They end up on panels as the GO TO resource for all things…whatever they are on about.


This is what the CIA does. It doesn’t just put you out there. It makes its assets seem like they’ve ALWAYS been around, part of the landscape…TRUSTWORTHY.

Doesn’t anyone ever notice this nothing to instant star, with web sites, product lines, name recognition, endless shows and interviews and on and on and on.

They are all CIA nephilim assets. They seem to be on the team, but they are none. And Dad is not with them. For they serve unholy things to deceive.  

There are some of you who will say, rightly, but it is because of whomever I learned about this or that. In those cases, that’s the only regretful thing they do. But, to the CIA – an agency that has nothing to do with spies and Bond – but in ushering in evil and destroying all opposition, they are also LIGHTENING RODS. An agency term to attract people to the truth, so they can be identified for classification.

They know, that in these times, our Father is waking up souls to be brought home and the CIA and the satanic cabal want to know who they are to destroy those souls with honeypots, attacks, gang stalking, murders, and economic destruction.


CIA code name EVERGREEN.

Spike proteins…give me a break. 

PS It was the CIA who came up with the moniker TRUTHERS, and most of their assets used it right off the bat. I remember. One day, nothing; next day, all these people were truthers. It’s why I never used the title to describe this site or its contents. I want nothing to spoil what Dad gives me. I am their enemy. Good.