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Evil Dr. Richard Pan to become the “Joseph Mengele” of HHS as Biden Regime tips their hats to Pan’s Nazi-style medical dictatorship of California

The “Angel of Death” they called him. He was SS physician Joseph Mengele, and he functioned “for the greater good” as a Nazi doctor under the orders of one Adolf Hitler. Yes, Mengele conducted horribly inhumane medical experiments on the Auschwitz concentration camp prisoners, most of whom were children. Hitler and Mengele were both perverted child abusers and psychotic freaks, not so much different than the dystopian doctor named Richard Pan (a.k.a. dictatorial tyrant) of California, who hasn’t yet been arrested for his domestic-terrorist-style approach to forced vaccination of California’s school children at gunpoint. He’s guilty of violating the Hippocratic oath thousands and thousands of times. Pan is the perfect example of what judges and prison wardens would refer to as a repeat offender.

Dr. Richard Pan is just like something right out of Communist China or the Black Mirror Netflix series (Marxist-style government and dystopian science fiction much like the CCP now). This guy is as evil as they come, but that’s what gets you to the top in Washington DC, and that looks like where Pan (Democrat Senator of California) is heading fast, according to the demented and perverted Biden camp. God only knows how many California children have been maimed and killed thanks to Pan’s promotion of chemical violence and vaccine violence perpetrated upon children. Any who violate Richard ‘Mengele’ Pan’s forced-medical-intervention mandates shall not attend school, public or private, in the state of California.

Pan first fell in love with mercury injections when he was a pediatrician. Then, he later helped propagandize the fake Measles pandemic so he could usher in the unconstitutional SB-277 back in 2015, the law that makes all California children get dirty vaccines no matter what, with no exemptions for medical, religious or personal reasons. Pan is the “Angel of Death” in California. He’s also known and the Mercury Joker, and for good reason.

Sinister Richard Pan, the ‘Mercury Joker,’ loves medical violence perpetrated on children for the ‘greater good’ (genocide)

Just like Joseph Mengele, Dr. Richard Pan has ZERO ethics, morals or concern for the safety of children. He loves medical experiments like mRNA, where children can die or get maimed from a vaccine for a virus that doesn’t even affect kids. Pan also functions as a key propagandist, politician, and puppet for the dirty vaccine industry, much like Paul Joseph Goebbels functioned as a Nazi politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda. Goebbels was one of Adolf Hitler’s most devoted freaks, just as Richard Pan will soon be a closest cohort of the Biden/CCP Regime that’s running Washington DC, HHS and the CDC.

Now Pan is cracking down on the social media giants, instructing them to call anyone who opposes vaccines “domestic terrorists” and banning all speech against vaccines from all social media platforms forever. Pan always says the exact opposite of his mission and values. He’ll claim he’s pro-1st-Amendment and pro-children’s safety and protecting people from ‘disinformation’ that endangers lives. Sure Mengele. Whatever you say. Forced vaccination is for the greater good, right? Should the Jews or Blacks be first to go? Is this Nazi Germany part II or a just fake race war in America? Are you partaking in the genocide and getting vaccinated yourself, Mr. Pan?

Joseph Mengele worked at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Human Genetics and Eugenics – that’s how he got promoted to the rank of SS Captain

In most governments, especially dictatorships, the more evil a person is, the higher they rise. In 1943, that’s exactly what took place for Joseph Mengele, who was so corrupt and evil that shortly after he was promoted to SS Captain, he got promoted again to become the highest ranking physician at Auschwitz concentration camp. Mengele not only hand-picked the humans he wanted to experiment on as they exited the trains, but he also was responsible for selecting all those who would be sent immediately to the gas chambers.

Mengele performed brutal, grisly and often lethal experiments on children. Just like Joseph Mengele, Dr. Richard Pan loves experimenting on innocent children, and that’s why he pushes for forced vaccination at gunpoint in California. Many of Pan’s ‘test subjects’ die as a result of these dirty, toxic inoculations, just as Joseph Mengele’s ‘patients’ died from infections, gangrene and invasive medical experimentation. Mengele carried out torture on over 1,000 child twins at Auschwitz as part of his warped idea of science, and at his ‘blood lab’ the kids were injected with germs and chemicals several times a week, as attested by survivors of the living nightmare.

Have no doubts, the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines are a mass-medical experiment already being tested on more than 100 million people who, just like the Jews, had no idea what was REALLY taking place until it was too late.

Joseph Mengele and Richard Pan both endorse genocide by medical intervention through experimentation. That is why the Biden Regime loves Richard “The Mercury Joker” Pan, because he loves infecting children with poisons to make himself feel powerful. It’s the same Nazi racial theory being played out now in America, except instead of persecuting just the Jews and gypsies (gays), now it’s every citizen they can brainwash into volunteering for their own demise, starting with Blacks.

The Biden regime believes that all Americans are degenerates, and they need an evil ‘witch-doctor’ to lead the charge at HHS and the CDC. Will Richard Pan be the next Fraudulent Fauci? Currently, Pan is being considered as administrator of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), which operates as an arm of HHS. Pan will have more power to remove parental rights and health freedoms, but now on a national level instead of just in California.

Tune your internet frequency to ChemicalViolence.com for updates on how vaccines ARE the pandemic. Join forces with health freedom advocates and help stop evil Richard Pan from rising in power, like Joseph Mengele did.

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