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Etsy is restricting my orgone biz thing

Effectively for some time, but finally letting me in on it, Etsy has decided to restrict certain accounts (people they don’t like very much) and holding “funds in reserve” until THEY DECIDE to release them. Can you beat that?

90 days to get paid.  

Plus etsy takes near 20% of each sale in various fees and whatever. It’s a real slice, just for some not so great automation. Of sorts. They even back steal funds from old sales, claiming I wasn’t charged enough for some mythical postage fees for delivery, by the post office, which btw, never does that or has ever done that, to me or anyone I know.

They are crooks. Simply put.

Setup a site with them, you’ll see.

But, if the uwantson orgone site isn’t your cup of tea, use etsy. I can wait. Apparently.

Voting matters in so many ways, we are all about to learn. Vote for the WRONG person and get punished. Hey, we are Hong Kong now.

Turns out, their idea of being “a good sort” is my idea of slavery and fascism. 

I would rather, if you anyone intends to patronize my site, to please go to my ORIGINAL UWANTSON.COM SITE for any orders. Please. 


And thank you.



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