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Enrollment Plummets At Evergreen College Over Anti-White Policies

Ya Think?

Our black American brothers make up 9.2% of the US population, current figures. But they want white folks out of all school admin, student body, and any kind of school social club or fraternity/sorority there is. And they are getting it. Because the covens under orders from on low, is making it so.

And the hated white population is doing what any sane person would do. Not being where they are not wanted. Except for soiboys and liberal droids and satanist witches. 

And like with Trump, who defeated the beast Hildebeast 2 years ago, the non satanic part of this country voted their disapproval with self loathing and fake white guilt, for things they never did.

Enrollments at these liberal schools is dropping. However, christian colleges and universities are having their best years ever. It’s obvious who they are going to target next, these private christian colleges. They already have disavowed most Christian colleges by making their curriculum and grad degrees as not accredited . And the government is letting them get away with it – no surprise. Government and evil are actually the SAME word in our time.

Home schooling is also under attack because parents don’t want their kids turned into soy-boys who act like effeminate spineless simps.

And so it goes…resist, do not conform, say no.


Social justice policies appear to be backfiring at Evergreen State College.

Evergreen is a front company of the CIA, since the early 1960s. Evergreen college was one of 27 colleges actually established with CIA money. Google CIA and EVERGREEN in quotation marks. They control the nations’ shipping, transcontinental cargo flights, among dozens of other EVERGREEN nomenclature ops…I mean…businesses. Check it out, it’s solid.

As a reminder, in 2017, a ‘no whites allowed’ day of absence  was proclaimed, which included such useful protests as



“Whiteness is the most violent fuckin’ system to ever breathe!”

And it seems that, as LiveLeak reports as the faculty continues supporting an openly anti-white agenda, but, as One America’s Pearson Sharp explains, students aren’t happy with the school’s apparently policies – leading to a massive drop in enrollment

Notably, in May, The Olympian reported that Evergreen State “will look to cut more than 10 percent from its operating budget for 2018-19 and raise student fees because of declining enrollment.” 

Of course, the feds will take up the slack, to make sure hate whitey college keeps going strong. Building strong minds and bodys with critical thinking citizens IS OUT. Fascist, hate-filled thugs, is the new meme for the stupid generation of useful idiots.