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Elon Musk, Zuckerberg, Lizzy Holmes. Network poster children for the NWO agenda

Don Bradley

In the latest Jurassic park movie out this summer, the savior of the Green peace save the planet going green sustainable satanic agenda group, is a cat named Ely Mills.

666 or 696 or 966 or whatever. It’s still the mark of the beast, the calling card of the anti-christ Nimrod

sustainable…we hear it everywhere there is a satanic Agenda 21 pushed in our faces. but, the symbol is a mobius, a 666. I see it in the signage all over Ojai and Santa Barbara. They don’t even try to hide it anymore. Ojai Car wash, three restaurants, 7 businesses, et al. they WANT you to know. Because they know, the covens will push their satanic business over all others and make them rich. And all these places are always busy, when others struggle. Same here as it is everywhere.

Ely Mills…Elon Musk. Get it?

This is not accident. It’s a subliminal programming protocol to create a spirit of trust that operatives like Musk And Holmes are the good guys-gals, and they are really, the best of the best, doer billionaires.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

These dropouts get the biggest names of the Illuminati on their boards of directors and handed billions. BILLIONS. But not really, they are window dressing, there to fool the stupid into believing they should be trusted cuz, gosh… look how successful they are and you could be that rich too, if you only applied yourself. Tell me, how does a drop out get BILLIONS OF DOLLARS OVER NIGHT, handed to them, to run point on the biggest ponzi scheme companies and fronting the biggest lies of the 21st century? 

Only when they get caught in such a way, pulling their BS scams are they removed or wrist slapped, only to be kept in the game, no matter how BAD the fallout. Eh Zuckerberg? Right Liz-what with your thousand yard stare and fake voice that makes you sound like a transvestite?

Holmes is still fronting huge corps. The CIA said Zuckerberg was one of their own, code named OVERLORD, on congressional testimony, I put the video up on this blog. Musk? Don’t get me started.

People are still handing that serial killing witch Holmes hundreds of millions of dollars – that satanic network corporations who still see her and the others, as useful. Until she no longer works in the public eye, no matter how much they take your mind of their crimes. Then they are disavowed, and usually, sacrificed. Only then. Then the next Steve jobs archetype is shoved in our face, fronting the newest of new SAVE THE PLANET-HATE THE SEED OF ADAM companies that we have to trust to look out for us. And there will be more. Because the scam or op, WORKS. That;s why.

Until then, Musk can BK solar companies that steal billions of dumb money, or even Tesla, which is a kill car which also limits your freedom of movement and functions as a spy vehicle of the owner. No matter how much proof I dig up on Tesla that proves he is a bald faced liar, they don’t care. The big satanic dollars, marks, and pounds are behind him and the stock goes up and up. But, you say, his stock has dropped. That’s the illusion of fair play and it killed all those 98 to 1 long positions, I checked. Once it hits a certain number, whammo back up i huge leaps. you’ll see.

Pay attention. these are satanic witches and wizards, pedophiles, fakes, con women and men, and they are there to bilk  you of your money, and sell a dream of lies, none of which will better your future. On the contrary, their agenda is ALL ABOUT SLAVERY.

Your only defense is to wake up and see things as they really are.

Or you will go stupidly and happily right into less freedoms, ten times the cost, and all on some global warming bs agenda carbon footprint mess that you paid for. With a smile on your face.

At that point, they are blameless. The truth is out there, had you but taken the time to look, rather than worry about your social standing with your peers.

Coven assets know why they are pushing all this. It’s never to help you. it’s so they can gain control over you.


A billionaires property. Guess who?