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Edomite CIA Ukraine

 How about some Sunday truth?

Khazarian Zalensky with AZOV SS
Murdering foreign Mercenaries that were wounded, so they would not, when in hospital, reveal the truth of Ukraine and the evil ongoing.
Everything about the CIA/USA side (Ukraine) is one big fake out, except the murdering of their own people and foreigners who fell for the brain washing and showed up to “help” and then find the enemy was Ukraine all along, when it is and was too late, the barrels of their guns turned on them, not Russians, who are nowhere to be seen. Then theiir bodies are stripped and reclothed in Russian uniforms. 2 Families have already identified their sons as being shown on CNN as dead Russians when in fact one was from Seattle and the other Ohio.
Russians in Ukraine were and are forced to eat, drink, and sleep globohomo phreak programming, as American students do in the USA. They at least tried to fight back, only to have the Ukrainian gestapo (SBU) show up at their house, steal their kids (CPS anyone?), if they tried to stop it, shot or arrested, never to be seen again. The mass graves reveal where these parents ended up. All this has been proved and will be proved.
He shuttles between uber gay Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
All management of his “administration” is just show, like with the Sniffy regime in Culver City – a show. Because in either case, neither is running either country. The CIA is.
Bar bones facts of the “war.”
There be monsters among the living.