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 Doubt and Guilt

by Don Bradley

The TWO MAIN weapons of EVIL, are DOUBT AND GUILT. And what do we see in the world today? In every aspect of the evils that are befalling us?

This whole BLM is based upon a horrific and terrifying agenda of GUILT. As if modern people of Anglo descent are responsible for all the ills of the past. And because this is force fed into people from kindergarten on up and enshrined now INTO LAW. 

Guilt is the official message of CRITICAL RACE THEORY. In their little book, they even start a chapter off with a prayer. “Dear God, Help me to hate white people.” Because all of us ARE GUILTY for the alleged sins of the past. Doesn’t matter that you weren’t born when whatever it is we are being blamed for occurred. It only matters that by guilt…you know the rest. 

It’s on TV, radio, newsprint, schools, signage, and thrown at us every chance the covens of earth get that chance, which is all the time. Being white means you are at once both A RACIST AND RESPONSIBLE, and always, always GUILTY.

And no wonder, when you have the two founders of BLM declaring in an interview last year that they take all their marching orders from DEMONS. Also, they claim all the slogans and cliches have a SECRET MEANING, that only witches and demonics understand. They don’t let on what this secret language is, but they are cloaking it all under the whole WHITEY BAD theme the whole world – main the white world, as it happens – is running with. Guess who these white people are?

If you answered coven members you guessed correct!

Most folks do not realize nor do they care that there are two bloodlines on this planet that HAVE NOT A SINGLE THING TO DO WITH THE COLOR OF ONE’S SKIN. It’s genetic and is in all the 70 primary races on this earth.

This is really about a war between the children of Light and the children of Darkness. Until this is seen as the Great Truth that it is, nothing will change. Regretfully, it’s highly unlikely that will happen until the die is cast, our fates are sealed.

Being afraid to awaken others is cowardice. Any person who bases their self esteem upon the viewpoint of another is easy prey for the damned. And, as events reveal, quite easy indeed.

You do know, don’t you, we outnumber them about a thousand to one, don’t you? Don’t you??

And as for doubt, we have the endless lies of Modern Science and its religion of scientism to treat with. Evolution, globalism, and every aspect of creation is filled with overpaid liars who spew the most outrageous garbage to ever observe. 

As the head of the CIA once said, “We’ll know our job is complete when everything the world believes in is a LIE. Anyone know who said that? He was CIA DCN under Bush.