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‘Disgusting Betrayal Of Trust’: Home Security Technician Pleads Guilty To Spying On Hundreds Of Couples Having Sex

They all do  it. Car dealership lady I once new said the salespeople watched people come and go at the dealerships on monitors from the cams. They then would discuss the nastiest things about each one, all vulgar and quite insane.

The perv mentioned below is Hispanic. Case dismissed. If white, he would get 20 years. Don’t believe me?

There is a site that tracks illegals arrests and crime stats. One, from today, had 16 home invasion arrests and convictions over a six year time span, including multiple rapes and 2 murders. Each time, the judge–who happened to be a POC–dismissed the case, after conviction, for “time served.” Yesterday, the little bastard was arrested for murder number 3, rape, and home invasion, 10 days after being released from his last home invasion and rape arrest. 





Telesforo Aviles, a former ADT Home Security employee, plead guilty Thursday to hacking into customers’ video feeds in Texas.

Aviles has admitted to accessing around 200 customer accounts more than 9,600 times over four and a half years, according to the United States Attorney’s Office of the Northern District of Texas.

ADT home security technician pleads guilty to spying on over 200 couples having sex https://t.co/eCok7PQJZv pic.twitter.com/hl6mpuVIrd

— New York Post (@nypost) January 22, 2021

“This defendant entrusted with safeguarding customers’ homes, instead intruded on their most intimate moments,” Acting U.S. Attorney Prerak Shah said. “We are glad to hold him accountable for this disgusting betrayal of trust.

Aviles also admits to adding his personal email address to customers’ accounts, which gave him access to video feeds within their homes. In order to add his email to these accounts, Aviles admits to sometimes telling customers he needed to do so temporarily to “test” the system.

While working for ADT, Aviles would investigate which houses had attractive women and log onto their accounts to view the video footage for sexual gratification. Court documents indicate Aviles watched videos of naked women and couples engaged in sexual activity. (RELATED: Couple Arrested For Allegedly Having Sex On The Myrtle Beach Skywheel)

As a result of the spying Aviles now faces up to five years in federal prison.