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Destroying the family life…Newsom Bans Single-Family-Only Zoning In California

California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom signed sweeping housing legislation on Thursday that reportedly bans single-family-only zoning in most neighborhoods across the state.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, Newsom “essentially abolished single-family zoning in California – and green-lighted a series of bills intended to bolster the state’s housing production.”

California officially ends single-family home only zoning in most neighborhoods statewide — allowing at least duplexes to be built. Takes effect Jan. 1. https://t.co/yBpY0haAKr

— Liam Dillon (@dillonliam) September 16, 2021

The San Francisco Chronicle reported, “Newsom signed a pair of bills that promote what supporters call a ‘light density’ approach, loosening zoning rules to make it easier to build out existing neighborhoods with small apartment buildings.”

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