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Dad’s love


So, was packing up to go get my sonogram today and just grabbed my loose bills and a 100 Emergency money from wallet. On way out, idea-mind flash,

“get some change.”

So I NEVER GET CHANGE from the change bucket. Change goes in, never out. I have jars and jars of change, going back years. So, listen and obey. And I, without looking, grab 4 quarters. Okay. Off I go to find out how bad the rip in my groin is.

Get to lab in SB. They want 80 bucks for the lab work. I hand them the 100 and no good. because they don’t have change, and will have to cancel come back in a week, bla bla.

Long shot, I say “I have some loose bills, let’s see what it comes to.” I figure its mostly ones and maybe a ten or twenty in there. It’s exactly $79.00. A dollar short.

Then I’m reminded of the 4 quarters, I was advised to grab. Making $80.00

Thanks Dad, for looking out for me. I love you very much.

I love our Father…very very much. These are for you Dad.