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CVS workers are now paid $6,500 PER WEEK to give the covid jab

I have now ripped this very important video to MP3, RIGHT CLICK TO DOWNLOAD AND SAVE

It is a carefully generated 7.8 meg file that has the full hour of audio in good quality.

Clearly they are seeking people who are morally compromised and will destroy for a profit. To hear this it is at 7:30 in the video. (or MP3 now) It is for real folks. Pharmacists that would normally get paid about $800 a week are getting paid $6500 PER WEEK to do this. The people doing the covid con job know full well the people giving the shots will be witnessing deaths and maiming, and are paying them very well to bury their conscience and just do it.

This is obviously supposed to be a secret. If you want to watch a soon to be banned hour long video posted by a CVS injector who quit after it was well proven the shot is maiming people en masse, HERE IT IS. It’s actually a pretty good video and not an hour of fluff.

I downloaded this and will post the most relevant parts if it does not get enough views before being banned.

Jim Stone