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Contents of various weapons direct from the vials

This is dark field microscopic examination of several weapon products. “Here are pictures from our vaccine test again, following the video that was published yesterday.
The manifold dancing particles in the BioNTech active ingredient were only there. An obviously constructed wire-like shape was found there, which had also been found earlier in other ampoules.Johnson and Johnson had large chunks and a triangular, flat thing that moved, was also discovered in the vaccine on another occasion.
After drying, grid-like structures emerged at BioNTech and J&J. Something organizes itself, connects, so it’s no wonder if it also organizes itself in the blood. Circles at higher magnification are probably lipid nanoparticles, sometimes you can see white dots in them. The constructed forms in the BioNTech vaccine, including the triangles at J&J, should be examined, including the formation of crystalline, chain-like structures that are visible in the blood.”

These are deadly weapons that generally kill most of the receivers. The survivors are being turned into horrible monsters.