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Consider it a Warning America and take heed

We would note on this occasion that although what India’s citizens are facing these days may seem a remote danger to most Westerners, it does demonstrate an important point: state-issued paper currency exists only at the sufferance of the State. It can be made worthless by decree.

currency ban makes Indian banks solvent by removing liabilities in cash off their books.

There is a German Commercial last year about with an Investor whom is being advised by the Banker.  In the commercial the the man asks the banker what about cash?  The banker says we can’t have that, it equals Freedom.  The signs are there.   It is all about the “Hunt For Taxes”, and “Soviegn Debt Crisis”.

 everytime I pay cash at the supermarket now, they warn me I’m about to receive a whole pile of change. What denotes a whole pile of cash you ask, 3 notes and 2 coins. They are trying to discourage people from paying cash by implying you are being inconvienced. While it might seem good they are deeply concerned about my well being, I find it extreemly annoying. This purely is about getting rid of cash by means of stealth and mind control !

When they came for India’s cash, I did nothing, because I am not Indian;
When they came for. . . .