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‘Conservative Activist Trolls Oscar Attendees with Pedo Facebook Ads Featuring Mark Salling, Kevin Spacey and Pizzagate’ Salling was murdered, before he could tell anyone where he got his tens of thousands of CP photos, most if not all of them very recent:

Kevin Salling exposes Hillary pedophile ring, found murdered.

Conservative Activist Trolls Oscar Attendees with Pedo Facebook Ads Featuring Mark Salling, Kevin Spacey and Pizzagate

Facebook ads promoting the Wall Street Journal to Oscar attendees praised accused child molester Kevin Spacey, honored deceased convicted pedophile Mark Salling and featured an image that was at the center of “Pizzagate” in a post about child trafficking.

The ads were not purchased by the Wall St. Journal, but by an activist protesting pedophilia in Hollywood and beyond.
By promoting WSJ content the activist was able to edit the posts and troll the Oscars as they saw fit.

“10,000 Oscar-goers got a lovely surprise on Facebook tonight,” the anonymous activist told the Gateway Pundit. “Hundreds clicked the links to find the real WSJ articles detailing stories about pedophila rings and YouTube pedo videos like ElsaGate.”
The ads link to WSJ articles on the bust of a global pedophile ring and another on YouTube videos that attract pedophiles or disguise inappropriate content to appeal to children — known as “ElsaGate.”

“Mark Salling will be honored at this year’s Oscar’s. The Academy wants to commend him for his role on Glee. His award will be presented by Meryl Streep. He will be sorely missed,” one ad read.
Salling hanged himself in January while he was facing up to seven years in prison for child pornography possession after accepting a plea deal in September. He was scheduled to be sentenced in March.

“Tipped off by a girlfriend, investigators found more than 50,000 images and hundreds of child pornography videos on his laptop and thumb drive, some of little girls as young as 3 to 5 years old, federal prosecutors said. They had been downloaded from April through December 2015,” NBC reported.
Another ad featured a photo of a young girl duct taped to a table that became infamous during “Pizzagate.”
The Gateway Pundit has censored the image, as it features a minor:

“Some are saying this could be the next #ME2 movement. The busts continue to happen across the country, but it’s an unreported phenomenon. When will the voiceless be defended?” the post accompanying the photo of the young girl read.
According to the activist, the most clicked ad was the one featuring the duct-taped child.
The activist stated that they were “motivated by Sabo and knew it had to be done.”
Sabo, a right-wing street artist, made headlines earlier this week for his billboards calling out Hollywood for the hypocrisy in the “Me Too” movement.

“Name names on stage or shut the hell up!” one billboard read. “And the Oscar for biggest pedophile goes to …” another mocked.