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Conditioning us to accept freakish abominations as normal

Human Chimera conditioning with REAL chimeras. This is so very evil and wrong. The witches mothering these freaks are as much an abomination as the creatures themselves.

As such, they have no lawful NAFESH  or soul. When they expire, they become demons.

Getting the Vax Weapon was a HUGE mistake, people. Huge.

You menstruating women will breed monsters. Every single one of you.

In fact, they’ve been breeding them for awhile now. It’s just they are letting you in on it now, because these things will be everywhere.

This is their agenda. To use GUILT (one of two weapons the beast uses to manipulate us) to get us to agree to their existence, their “human” rights (they are no longer human, btw), and to accept them same as we agreed to all the other abominations we’ve allowed.

Their reasoning will be: How is this different from any trans person who is different from a NORMAL human? Trans have rights, these shall too. 

And at that moment, everyone will cave in and accept the freaks of abomination into the system. As we are already doing now with other abominations.

It’s a good plan, because these guilt/doubt tactics are effective ON THE WEAK MINDED AND POLLUTED SOULS. As we see now.

Cute? Really? Freaks whose only motivation is to do evil and that, continuously? Yeah, sounds cute all right. To a demonic witch, it’s cute.