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CNN Doxxes Elderly Woman, Badgers At House Over Russian Troll – their fictional creation, not hers

CNN reporter Drew Griffin drove out to an elderly Florida woman’s home this week to badger her about Russian trolls who targeted the Facebook group she operates during the 2016 election.

The woman, Florine Gruen Goldfarb, was unaware that her Team Trump Broward County Facebook page had been the target of Russian meddling efforts – a point which Griffin repeatedly and accusatorily made while Goldfarb stood outside of her home, defending herself.
“You guys were involved in Being Patriotic, right?” Griffin asked, referring to the Facebook group flagged as one Russia’s troll accounts. “Very. Very patriotic, but not–” Goldfarb replied, before Griffin cut her off: “Being Patriotic was the group that contacted and helped to organize some of these activities,” the CNN host interjected.
After the two argued over Russians for nearly two minutes, a flustered Goldfarb walks back into her house.

The Russian group “Being Patriotic” was detailed in last Friday’s indictment of 13 Russian nationals and 3 corporations.
Goldfarb and members of her Facebook group attended a Fort Lauderdale rally held in a series of events organized by the Russian group.
As Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller notes, it is unclear exactly what Griffin hoped to accomplish with the interview:

Goldfarb was more focused on who actually attended her rallies.
“Those people weren’t Russians. I don’t go with Russians,” she said at one point.
“Those people that were with me were all Trump supporters,” she added.
“And all apparently following the direction of Russians who were actually infiltrating,” Griffin replied.
“B.S.,” said Goldfarb.

CNN’s stalking and harassing of Goldfarb has not gone over well on social media:
Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino asked if CNN is going to show up next at Joy Reid’s house, as the MSNBC host was heavily favorted by Russian trolls – which retweeted her content 267 times.