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Cloud file services

With cloud file services, remember the following:

1. They control your information.
2. Like Facebook, you transfer all rights to the cloud.
3. Your info is dependent upon their allowing access to the cloud – like YOU for instance.
4. Possession is 9/10ths of the law. They will have possession of your pictures, files, etc. It’s why I stopped using flickr and other services years ago.
5. When the cloud goes away, so do your files and everything dependent upon those links. Which means you go away. For some people’s online presence, that’s important.

Remember to control your own files. Period. By using an online service, you relinquish control and rights. It’s what “free” cloud services demand in exchange for their “free” services. It reveals what they are really all about.

The big leader in cloud services is Apple, followed by Google, then all the others. They want everyone on the old IBM big iron setups prior to the 1980s – where every monitor was just a terminal and all the data was…somewhere else.

That’s where all this is leading. And it’s all about control. Remember that. They want total control. Of everything that defines you. And let’s face it, computers are a big part of people’s lives in our time. A very big part.

It’s the digital age. Retain control or lose it forever.