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Closing down the lakes and campgrounds in the west this because…wait for it…the DROUGHT.

Cancel your summer vacation plans in the National Forests. They won’t let you in. And, they won’t even let you come up and enjoy the lake with your boat. That all ends this year.

Even though our snowpack is at record levels and the rainfall in the Sierra Mountains has set new records. They are still singing the drought song. But with pictures of full lakes, doesn’t anyone have the guts to point out these obvious cons?

Now, wait a minute. Pyramid lake and all the other MAIN WATER RESERVOIRS are at their highest levels in YEARS. Years, as these pictures from TODAY, reveal.

Yet the government is and has closed all the campgrounds this spring and summer and is now barring all lake usage by anyone, anywhere in the state, because of the drought, citing low lake levels. That’s amazing because the main lakes that people traditionally enjoy and full to the brim and pictures and lake stats reveal this to be true. Yet, in yesterday’s SCVNEWS, and repeated in many other online and print publications, these lakes and campgrounds are going to closed for any kind of access starting NOW and through the summer.

No vacation for you slaves. No wilderness for an average 6 million Americans and tourists who enjoy just the western state campgrounds alone.

WHY? Why shut us all out, with easily provable lies?

Well, I am asking the question.

the records prove what the picture below shows, as of today…a FULL LAKE. See anyone on the lake, even though the lake and campgrounds have been opened, i mean closed, this year? And you won’t, either.

Bass Lake 04-27-16
Pyramid Lake, completely full and at highest level since 2005