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Climate change Lock downs are coming…

Climate change Lock downs are coming…

Don Bradley

The insanity of it all. But they will insist and then make it so. 

That’s if we haven’t built a worldwide groundswell of push back NO. 

We outnumber these fiends, you know. A thousand to one. Not the elite; they are just that fraction at the top of the satanic pyramid. Of course I am speaking of our REAL enemies, nephilim hybrids, bloodline of Cain.

This and FF cyber attacks are just a few of the weapons they are leaning on to retain command and control, which as we speak, is slipping away from them. This makes these heart of stone monsters DANGEROUS.

See, they’ve gone too far. The cat’s out of the bag, as is said. They’ve killed and are killing, millions. The dead in the USA is now over six million since January from this weapon, just simply understood by numbers extrapolations from their own published data, which they affirm only represents 1% of the totals of dead and dying. Add two zeros to everything and then the real numbers come alive.

This whole Fauci under the bus thing is just a limited hangout to cover the real truth. This weapon was developed in the 70s and 80s and field tested in the 90s and early 2000s. Once all the patents were in place and they knew exactly what to expect, including the antidote, which had to be tested too, they unleashed hell on us.

They have to go all the way. Nukes, lock downs, outages, shortages.

Only thing is, by push back, the SCHEDULE THEY HAVE GETS ACCELERATED, to avoid mass lynchings et al.

Pray for discernment of spirit, so you know with whom you are talking to and what they really are as a soul. When you get that gift, they can no longer hide. It’s a good prayer.