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Clients are overdosing at the Red Door, a Hollywood-favored recovery center run by a husband and wife duo whose previous facility was shuttered in scandal: “How many people have to die before these people are stopped?”

Any house with a crimson or blood red door is almost 99.99% of the time, the mark of a high priestess or priest. The head of a coven lives there. It’s a code.



The film star, who had recently appeared in multiple blockbuster franchises, arrived in late 2019 at the Red Door, a high-end sober living home just off the Sunset Strip, to battle his heroin habit, according to several individuals close to him at the time.

The Red Door’s proprietor, a checkered figure in L.A.’s recovery community named Alex Shohet, was responsible for the actor’s care. He sought to bring his high-profile client in as a financial partner to expand the treatment facility. The plan, never realized, involved the purchase of Pauly Shore’s nearby multimillion-dollar residence, adjacent to the Comedy Store.

Shohet, himself a recovering addict, operates under the philosophy that it is safer to keep addicts close, in the hope that they can be talked into better choices in time. But once there, the actor’s housemates introduced him to crack.