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Civil War 2.0

 Antifa BRAGS about infiltrating MAGA groups. I am of a certain, it’s these people who started the violence.

This guy is ANTIFA see below
Unarmed Shot down by FBI swat Eyes fixed and dilated. She was shot in the neck, almost point blank, through a door from inside the chambers.

They rolled into town a million strong.
knowing that the odds were long.
in their bones it was wrong.
For the rules of liberty did congress flout
So patriots came, to call them to account.

Upon the capitol they did walk.
with no other intentions, but to talk.
Nary a court would have their say.
Their last hopes, that Pence would save the day.

Soon their hopes were dashed.
Just like their ballots trashed.

Thus they did proceed to take the floor.
Just so they could not ignore.
The elites they panicked in their fear.
As the unarmed patriots brought up the rear.

Then in their ire, they had their pigs lash out.
So they shot that unarmed girl for no other reason,
Then she deigned to call them on their treason.

Rally patriots, as there will be no balm,
so long as freedom lost let there be no calm.

Always remember, they’ll take your wealth.
They’ll control your health.
The chains invisible, but still they bind.

For American spring is soon to be the season.
Just remember, they shot that girl for no reason.
Only because she deigned to call them on their treason.

The Shooter
This is our heather heyer
Remember what they did to you
He’s a satanist
Jake Angeli, shamanic practitioner, leads the crowd in a yell before the march in solidarity with climate activism groups across the country to the Arizona State Capitol Building Friday, September 20, 2019.”
He’s a satanist
He’s a satanist