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CIA installs and funds GAY Ukrainian actor to be President of Ukraine PROJECT UKRAINE 2014

Let me tell you about the Ukrainian situation a bit. But then again you see some people telling you about something and you immediately go. OMG Putin is attacking without any cause. They are the aggressor here. Never mind the past 8 years of blatant “Ukrainian” aggression against Russia. Before 2014 there was a democratically elected Russia friendly government. Now there was Russian interference and all but plenty of people supported it. Its not like Ukraine wasn’t corrupt before it was. But what happened in 2014 is just mind blowing. Again you will never hear media or anyone talk about this. The CIA financed and played a direct roll of overthrowing the Russia friendly government.

Billions and billions went into this what they called the Ukrainian “project”. There are phone call leaks and all that. I am not making any of this up. But the important issue is that after that a new US friendly(meaning CIA controlled) government was elected in their place all the political parties, media and everyone who expressed concerns over the new government was branded a Russian spy, traitor all that and destroyed. So much for the muh Ukrainian “democracy” and “freedom”. But that is almost expected behavior. There are CIA agents blatantly inside the new government. They got citizenship in days without even knowing a single Russian/Ukrainian word. And were put inside the new government.

After that the US has been provoking all though unseen Russia for 8 years. Everyone knows what was going on. Putin, Macron, Merkel and all the rest. You never heard of it in the news or on reddit or on /pol/. And of course the huge influx of US money (for laundering purposes, traceable to family members of high ranking US officials, senators, presidents, etc..), US financed bio labs, all the juicy stuff. Couple that with that Ukraine constantly close the taps randomly just to mess with Putin. Because some pipelines are going through Ukraine towards us, and several other Eu member states. Imagine that.

What would happen if the US LNG shipments to Germany were put under naval blockade by Mexico. What would happen? You think that could be considered an act of blatant aggression? The US would invade in the very minute. Or what would happen if Mexico were asking for nuclear warheads to be deployed on the US border? What would the US do? Ukraine did just that. Or constantly asking for Western funds to make military against Russia. Would the US like that in a similar situation. This was 8 straight years of CIA control. The US was begging for Putin do to something stupid. And he did all though he prepared a fairly good plan. But this is not so simple as ohhh evil Putin. Traitor. Or whatever.