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China’s 3 Gorges Damn…

Uh oh…

And half a billion downstream citizens have no idea this is hanging over their collectivist heads.

  • First No endangered Nuclear Power Plants, the nearest is Shanghai that is South on Ocean on a different River !
  • Second Construction flaws were discovered and ignored mid-construction !
  • Third, Earthen Dams ( Reservoirs ) called Dikes were Sacraficed downstream to save modern Cities like Wuhan, because News filmed Escavators destroying Four Dike / Dams !
  • Forth, Three Gorges is on a Raging River, Water must flow, it is now less than Five feet from overtopping that will crumble the No Spillway Dam !
  • Six, The CCP was warned to Blow-up the Dam before Downstream Flooding followed by Dam failure !
  • Seven, Dam was completed years ago but Reservor just reached capacity about 21 Months ago having its first emergency flood relief last July, 9 Months after reservoir reached target capacity !
  • Eight, Two days ago Dam was given Ten days due to upstream Rainfall !
current pic, they say…