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Chaos Erupts As “Caravan” Of Illegals Scales US Border Fence, Cheering “Gracias Mexico”

    I’ve no problem with immigrants or people of any color. I have a problem with our government treating US citizens like dog shite, while bestowing prepaid lives and jobs to people of color. Everywhere we go, they have great jobs and not for 8 bucks an hour but for 30 to 50 an hour. The city and county governments ONLY hire people of color, no whites, unless they are women or gay men. they have the best jobs, with the best pay, and it’s ever city in every county regardless of state.

    How is that right?

    Well it isn’t. And that’s the point. The government is empowering a war against white people the most effective way possible – economically.

    • Gov Moonbeam sent 500 social workers to the border. 
    • DMV agents to distribute drivers licenses and voter registration. 
    • Housing authority to help with section 8 registration. MediCal because we are sure many new citizens are to be delivered soon.  
    • Food stamp and Social security agents on hand to make sure no one falls through the gaps. 
    • The Dept. of education is there to make sure all our new students are enrolled , granting federal funds. Lawyers are present to make sure your none of your “rights” are violated. 

    Welcome to California Norte. 5000 illegals a day cross over and the border patrol does nothing. It’s why our gasoline taxes were raised 45 cents in January, to pay for illegal aliens housing vouchers, monthly payouts, and free education through University.

    Within a year, they will be joining protests screaming out how much they hate white people. They will be able to drive without insurance, get DUIs and even hit and run accidents, and will be set free with no charges, as is now the case with sanctuary laws recently enacted. 

    Whites are a minority in California, number 3 on the list.

    Why isn’t the governor sending these aid reps to homeless encampments littering every city in the state? But, break the law, jump a fence and you get immediate free housing, free medical, a license, 3800 a month in spending money and free education up to a Master’s degree at no cost. Try to get any of that as a white boy – the minorities that run these agencies will spit on you.

    But, if you are a US citizen and homeless, not a dime for you nor any aid of any kind, ever. So where is the white privilege I keep hearing about, but I don’t see at all? I see white people graduating and not getting jobs, but Jorge and Juan jump a fence and they get living wage jobs and drive new trucks.