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Catching the cadre of Dad’s messengers about on film

Shadow walkers are black… Dad’s folks, when they slow down, as we perceive them in our light spectrum, are bright whites, blues, pinks and greens. And when they allow it, they are quite beautiful, and very tall. With a clear eye, and a deep love and devotion to Dad, our Holy Father, YHVH.
Shadow walker…demonic spirit. No light, just an outline, as the soul is black, so it’s only emission is black. these can be black magi, demonic spirits, and the like. They spy, and are there to inflame the worst in mankind. They are pure evil and when observed, need to be sent to the odd place, and off the earth plane, so they can harm no more.

The appear, move, and wink in and out of vision so fast, it’s very rare they allow themselves to be captured in pics…UNLESS…Yahua, YHVH, wishes it so.Then, it is so.

It’s no ACCIDENT I’ve these pics. Like Ron Wyatt, One after another demonstrable evidence falls into my lap, as it did him. God bless him. I have so very many of these going back 3 decades. Like Wyatt, its my normal, as stumbling over the proof of Genesis was his normal. Of course, I’m not comparing myself on a spiritual level to that great Holy man Ron Wyatt was.

But, it’s just how Dad works. Wyatt, Hovind, others…simple people, no monetary agenda or ego at stake, and a great and wonderful relationship with our Blessed Creator and His Son, Yeshua.

Like Wyatt, his problem was always the SAME ATTACK BY THE SATANISTS. Why YOU, mister Wyatt, to be the one to find all these sites, proving the book of the Torah, Genesis, is holy, good, and true? Because he was chosen. It’s the same attack I receive, among ambushing me, destruction of me financially, attempted murder, and betrayal by so very many.

But, I love Dad. The merest thought of Yahua (YHVH) thrills my heart and sends an electric shock from my head down my spine.

Am I sainted, perfect, and a wonder? No way. Just a simple dork, who is grateful for what he has, his family, and for the kind folks who appear in my life to help me, do Dad’s work. For these latter, I ask Dad to look out for them, help them, and keep their future bright and happy, even amidst the horrors of our time.