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California Public Schools To Adopt Ethnic Studies Curriculum ‘Displacing’ Christianity In Favor Of Aztec Chants

California’s Department of Education is set to vote on a new ethnic studies curriculum that seeks to “displace White, Christian culture” and encourages chants to Aztec deities.

Human sacrifice replaces the King of Peace.

The proposed changes would affect a curriculum used by the state’s entire primary and secondary education system, which serves 6 million students.

“Next week, the California Department of Education will vote on a new statewide ethnic studies curriculum that advocates for the “decolonization” of American society and elevates Aztec religious symbolism—all in the service of a left-wing political ideology,” City Journal summarizes.

The model curriculum instructs teachers to “challenge racist, bigoted, discriminatory, imperialist/colonial beliefs” and critique “white supremacy, racism and other forms of power and oppression” in the classroom. These satanic baby killers HATE YHVH and Yahusha. They are in love with the beast that demands dead children. The Aztecs were nephilim in South America. Cortez was sent to clear out the ritual murderers of families and their young.

“The ultimate goal is to “decolonize” American society and establish a new regime of “countergenocide” and “counterhegemony,” which will displace white Christian culture and lead to the “regeneration of indigenous epistemic and cultural futurity,” City Journal’s Christopher Rufo notes.

Specifically, the curriculum advises teachers to lead students in various indigenous songs, chants, and affirmations, including the “In Lak Ech Affirmation,” which appeals directly to the Aztec gods. Chanting to Moloch is a dangerous and stupid thing to program children to do. These satanic teachers know that by doing so, these kids are inviting the worst kind of demons into their lives to stay and cause death and ruin.

“Students first clap and chant to the god Tezkatlipoka—whom the Aztecs traditionally worshipped with human sacrifice and cannibalism—asking him for the power to be “warriors” for “social justice.” Next, the students chant to the gods Quetzalcoatl, Huitzilopochtli, and Xipe Totek, seeking “healing epistemologies” and “a revolutionary spirit.” Huitzilopochtli, in particular, is the Aztec deity of war and inspired hundreds of thousands of human sacrifices during Aztec rule. Finally, the chant comes to a climax with a request for “liberation, transformation, [and] decolonization,” after which students shout “Panche beh! Panche beh!” in pursuit of ultimate “critical consciousness,” the curriculum stipulates.

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