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California Doctor Says He was Fired for Challenging Coronavirus Shutdowns

 “The Great Reset Will Not Be Stopped” – Count Von Klovenhoof

Appearing Wednesday on the Fox News Channel, Dr. Michael Deboisblanc said he was fired as trauma medical director for John Muir Health after writing a letter to health officials in Contra Costa County, California, in which he challenged local coronavirus restrictions.

SANDRA SMITH: A prominent doctor in California says he was fired after questioning stay at home orders in Contra Costa County. He said the lock downs did more harm than good and caused needless suffering. Pointing out in a letter to county officials: “The science is clear that more lock downs will lead to much more non-COVID morbidity and mortality.” Dr. Deboisblanc was removed from his post as trauma medical director for John Muir Health.

DR. MICHAEL DEBOISBLANC: It’s been a crazy week or so. A group of parents that we were working with the county tried to go back and forth with the county to try to get our kids back in school. The county was really not responding to any of their requests and they approached us and said, “Hey, would you mind writing a letter to the county to maybe express some of these issues?” All the data that I am aware of, looking at children and the virus, shows that it’s safe. There are many other states now that have months of track records showing that it’s safe for their kids to go back to school. And the state of California and the county is just not making that possible.

SMITH: Did they give you an explanation for that firing?

DR. DEBOISBLANC: It was clearly related to the letter. It was in a week of doing that. No, they have not put that down in writing. This isn’t really about me and John Muir. That’s a great hospital, they are doing amazing things. The doctors and nurses there taking care of COVID patients are risking their health every day. They just got the first round of the vaccine. And let me tell you, it’s a big relief for them.