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Cabbage juice: getting rid of ulcers in under 2 weeks

Over the years, the orthodox medical establishment has repeatedly changed its list of proposed causes for ulcers.  It’s been something of a soap opera.  At various times, ulcers have been blamed on stress, excessive alcohol consumption, extended use of pharmaceuticals, a weakened immune system, bacterial infections, and of course, it’s now “genetic”.  In other words, they really have no idea what the true cause is, and the only thing that they haven’t actually said is, “We don’t know”.
Despite the fact that ulcers appear to be a great enigma that is beyond the bounds of modern medicine, they are not uncommon.  Most people know of at least one person who has suffered with ulcers, who was placed on the pharmaceutical treadmill.  The question plaguing our minds is how do doctors use the chemical warfare to successfully treat something that they don’t even understand?
Some will argue that doing something for a suffering victim is always preferred to doing nothing, because at least the doctors are trying to help.  This logic is tempting to embrace, so long as the assumption exists that there are no known better alternatives to the current protocols of human experimentation.  With that in mind, consider the following carefully.
Whilst researching for an unrelated article, I came across an enlightening study from 1949.  It included:

“The average crater healing time for seven of these patients who had duodenal ulcer was only 10.4 days, while the average time as reported in the literature, in 62 patients treated by standard therapy, was 37 days… The average crater healing time for six patients with gastric ulcer treated with cabbage juice was only 7.3 days, compared with 42 days, as reported in the literature, for six patients treated by standard therapy.”

The study, entitled “Rapid Healing of Peptic Ulcers in Patients Receiving Fresh Cabbage Juice” was not simply abandoned or ignored.  Two more studies were later done in 1952 and 1956, with the same outcome.  For those doing their own research, the anti-ulcer factor of cabbage (S-Methylmethionin) is often referred to as ‘vitamin U’.  What is astounding is that this therapy has been known for 61 years, yet the American public has never been told about it.
The first study used a quart of raw, juiced cabbage that was spread throughout each day.  Based upon the results of the studies, we would suggest continuing the treatment for 10-13 days, depending on the type and quantity of ulcers.  Sadly, if you visit a doctor about an ulcer problem, he will never recommend any alternatives to drugs, regardless of whether they are cheaper, faster, and safer.  In fact, most doctors do not even know that this basic nutritional therapy exists, because the pharmaceutical companies “contribute” to the medical schools, not farmers.  There is no money to be made in cabbages, just as there is no money in cured patients.
It is well known throughout alternative medicine and amongst naturopathic doctors that ulcers are caused by an imbalance of the stomach pH.  Therefore, we also recommend alkalizing the body, because virtually all modern pH issues consist of a body being too acidic, and a stomach being too alkaline.  Following an alkalizing diet should eventually help one to regain a natural balance.  See our article, The Relationship Between Body pH and Disease (and other facts you’re not supposed to know) for in-depth information about body pH, and how it is responsible for most illnesses.  Severe indigestion is sometimes confused for ulcerations, and this can also be corrected in the same manner.