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Brandy McFadden got her second dose of the Pfizer vaccine on April 16 Paralyzed neck down

Thousands of reports of paralysis. MSM goes silent. 
Vaccines are the number one cause of “coincidences”.

Yeah, but according to the Bribeme administration at least she has her Covid vaccine card, she’s free to move about in society now, oh wait.

here are tens of thousands of doctors all over the world telling us DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINES! Look up “The great barrington declaration” where they have signed on to that message!

So many red flags.

The rates of serious adverse reactions and deaths from the novel covid genetic therapy treatments (misnamed “vaccines”) are many times the rates of other vaccines. (Just how many times more is hotly disputed, but all agree “many times”.)

One thing that is troubling is how the authoritative “experts” keep pushing so hard for 100% deployment of these novel treatments despite unknown long-term risks in the face of this much greater rate of short-term adverse events, and no pressing need for the treatments in the first place for the majority of people under the age of 65. (Vitamin D and exercise are your friends.)

Simple question, to cut through the “noise”: Did you ever hear of so many serious adverse events and deaths associated with any conventional vaccine, ever? Me neither. The VAERS and other data align with these anecdotal observations.

The “experts” keep trying to decouple the adverse events and deaths from the vaccines, but there are striking patterns, and its not just proximity of event to vaccine or atypical presentation per individual – the adverse events fit the profiles of well-documented potential harm mechanisms, including the blot clots and various cytokine storm and other immune system overreaction type phenomena.

It’s NOT a vaccine. It is a synthetic protein, a chemical experiment. It is mRNA (messenger RNA), it is not a vaccine. It does not provide immunity, like a vaccine. It is designed to trigger an immune response to a virus that has a 98.5% survival rate.

This is a large scale experiment on human lab rats – and NO ONE – – – no one knows what the long term affects will be with this RNA injected into your system.

STUDENTS are now also allowed to administer the COVID-19 vaccine to people if they are studying in the following fields: dental, emergency medical technicians (EMT), medical, midwifery, nursing, optometry, paramedic, pharmacy and pharmacy intern, physician assistant, podiatry, respiratory therapy and veterinary.