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Boulder killer Ahmad Al-Issa was Islamic State sympathizer…voted for Biden – hates Trump

Jihadi but the feds will never admit it because it doesn’t meet their narrative it’s conservatives who are the fictional danger in their evil agenda.

Ahmad voted for Biden, hates Trump. You can’t make this stuff up, eh Sniffy?

At the risk of sounding redundant I’ll point out that he’s also a documented Never Trumper registered Democrat too.

The FBI has likely always been more corrupt than we realized, but in the last decade, most of us have come to realize that they are not only corrupt to the CORE, but also not working on the behalf of America or her people. The FBI had track on this guy, but recently they had other priorities with unarmed protesters who never set fires or loot businesses

If only a CCP was in that store or in that parking lot, then the count would have been much less. DonkeyPhuckers can’t win a fair fight, so they go for the elderly, the women, the children,….or gun free zones. The Democrat Party & RINO’s set the table for this, and then they invite the barbarians in to eat.

ask Robert Mueller or Ilhan Omar about the 20 Somalian Americans, that we know of, who left the US to join Al Shabaab?

We do not even know how many left the US to Join ISIS and returned to the US? Last I checked I think the UK took in over 1500 ISIS Terrorist who were UK Subjects and fought for ISIS.

Remember the Greatest Threat to the United States are Trump Supporters and not Moslem Terrorist, Mexican Drug Cartels, BLM, ANTIFA, the Chinese MSS, or South American Gangs according to the Biden/Harris Regime, Congress, the Democrat Media, the ACLU, and SPLC.