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According to what I see and what others report, Goolag has been blocking for some time now, the total amount visitors to this blog, and all dork boy sites. They also freeze the numbers, where the daily numbers stay unmovable for the whole day…or days. Another little thing they block, is people following the blog. All these years and the number is still 22 people for the Daily Messenger. Right.

As some of you know, I have separate but equal blogs covering a variety of topics, all aimed at setting us free with the truth of things, so we can stay healthy, aware, and on some semblance of a spiritual track as each of us is right for OUR OWN LIVES, at our own levels. Not preachy, but revelatory.

There is no difference between making us all vaccine danger aware and the hidden aspects of earth and spirit. It’s all about understanding how things REALLY ARE. That’s the main thing. Many agree. Those that do not, rarely come back.

I also am very much aware how the mainstream truth movement, so-called, will never, ever link to me. They never have, never will. Especially anything to do with churchianity sites.

I am also very much aware of how many of my articles appear days later, on other sites, with my bullet points ripped from the insight these blogs provide. And that’s fine. That’s the point, as long as they don’t tard up the truth of things to bend it into a blather load of lies. They NEVER source me. If I use any source material, I provide the link somewhere to the site or the writer, as should done, being a right and honorable thing to do.

Now, there are some long time friends and fellow bloggers, doing their own thing, like moi, who do back-link. I can count them on one hand. These are decent people, doing their part in helping us all understand the world in which we love. And live.

This is just telling it how it is and always has been, since the 90s. Some perceive this as whining. Not so. Just state of the union, so to speak. Others have similar experiences, to be sure.

So, to offset this, because it must be important for “them” to block site stats, I’m going to each Sunday, update the site manually with a weekly post showing the latest numbers. Which amount to over some 2.2 million views. And that’s HALF of what it really is, according to analytics, which daily tracks traffic from every corner of the plane.

Here we go, totals so far, as of today.
Site                                     Totals           
Daily Messenger               993,125
Juicing and Raw Foods     139,159
Our Spiritual World             11,532
Valencia Bro Code          1,109,784

From what folks say, these are huge numbers, for the blogosphere. And remember, the REAL NUMBERS ARE DOUBLE THIS. Over 115 countries visit Daily Messenger alone, every single week.

Making money was never the point, and to push the point, the total amount of donations, every month, is somewhere less than $75.00 per month. Thanks to those three people. They  know who they are. Every once in awhile an angel will appear and something more substantial appears, that usually saves the day. There are great blessings upon these people, regardless of size. And on that day, there I will be standing up for them.

God Bless You All


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