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Blathering on about the state of affairs

Blathering on about the state of affairs

Don Bradley

Hi friends. It’s been quite a year or so, hasn’t it? It’s hard to even get one’s mind around all the intermingled issues in front of us as a species, fighting for our very survival this time around. I mean, they are coming at us from every possible direction. Politically, spiritually, academically, medically, police state wise, chemtrails, the military and LE, fluoridated water, deadly DNA therapies, crazy anarchists intent upon burning the entire west down wholesale, illegal immigration and cartels, plus, plus, we have super villains prancing around on the world stage like Faustus, Gates of hell, and Klaus Von Klovenhoof. Did I miss anything?

And we get to watch innocent voters treated like they personally gassed the poles in wherever, back in WW2. If you believe that load. For many, their children are being told by teachers and the TV, they are garbage and responsible for all the ills that ever were.

Not the satanic bloodlines and the nasty stuff they’ve been doing for thousands of years. Oh no, they never get the REAL BLAME. And so on, and so on, etc.

I literally cannot watch another Vaccine death video. I cannot. I’ve seen too many already. Too much horror, I can not and will not, publish. It’s so reprehensible as to defy any stable mind from absorbing that.

I believe as a society we have reached every impasse possible that exists, regarding the malefic influences sweeping over every land. That’s another area of research that has just gone too far. Yes, it’s important to understand the enemy, but what these creatures get up to is so very vile and nauseating, it splatters the mind, just wrapping around this stuff. Much of it is that bad.

People have always wondered what end times looks like.

Every thing I look at is either in decay or under the severest of attacks to see it destroyed. From every possible direction, again. One cannot consider ANY topic from any viewpoint and see that this is not so.


Am I ranting? Could be. Despair is more like it. It’s what I’m feeling. And when I try to feel the overall vibe of the land, it’s what I pick up everywhere I go.

Talking about getting on with quiet desperation.

That’s the time we live in, friends. The bell is definitely tolling.

For us.

For us.