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Biden says buy an EV for climate change.

  • Sell $20,000 Toyota
  • Buy $80,000 Tesla
  • Car payment quadruples
  • Electric bill now $800 – $1200 a month instead of $175
  • Can no longer take drives over 90 minutes without needing a full recharge
  • It’s one third that time, if its cold out. 
  • Won’t run well in snow, won’t heat car in winter.

>forced to buy an electric vehicle
>sitting in your pod eating bugs
>get a phone call
>find out your mother is in the hospital
>wait 5 hours to charge car just so it can go 100 miles
>wait 10 hours just for it to go 200 miles
>finish charging
>has to update, it will take 45 mins depending on connection
>update failed, restarting update and car wont even start
>finally done, unplug EV and get ready to drive
>voice comes on “there is a special covid alert today, you can only drive to your local store and back”
>if you drive longer or over so many miles then your EV will shut off and a tow truck will be called at your own expense
>press the agree button or the EV wont start
>start to pull out of driveway
>EV stops before you even hit the street
>EV voice asks if you would like to turn on auto pilot to the store
>you push yes
>voice asks you sit sit and watch these new ads until the autopilot is finished loading and updating the route
>finally are able to drive a bit but autopilot wants you to still hold the wheel
>get to the store and get a phone call, mother is dying from the vax… i mean climate change
>try to drive to hospital but car notices you are not following the assigned route home
>EV shuts down
>tow truck called
>you are on the EV’s phone watching your mother die
>your mother is about to tell you her dying last words when an ad interrupts the call
>it’s a ‘get a booster’ ad by pfizer