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Biden, Davos and the GREAT CHRISTIAN RESET


Michael J. Matt speaks of another kind of wokeness. The election of the “Catholic” Joe Biden has opened the eyes of millions as to what happens when politicians put themselves above the law…in this case, God’s law. Christian America is waking up! As Dr. Fauci now wants Americans to wear not one but TWO masks, millions of people have begun to recognize in this the Theater of the Absurd.

Next up? Hundreds of thousands will have to lose their jobs so that our globalist overlords and “build back better” with green jobs, stakeholder capitalism, artificial intelligence and the prohibition of automobiles by 2030. Oh, and by the way, they also want to go full on Blade Runner by the end of 2021 and release an army of robots on the world so that “dumb” humans won’t need to work at all anymore. Yes, they’re serious. And, yes, Michael Matt is serious in saying that it’s time for Christians to stop playing around.

Pedophile Nephilim Pope Francis—a big backer of the Great Davos Reset—must be exposed for the globalist infiltrator he is. Why? Just to pick on the poor old guy? No, with even many American Bishops waking up, it is becoming crystal clear what must happen: The Church must abandon the hippies at the helm. With madmen trying to take over the world, a WOKE Church offers the best defense against the Bond villains in Davos and beyond. No time for self-pity.

No time for fear. No time for whining. They’re making war on Christ, and the followers of Christ need to take the mask off and stand up. Plus, never-before seen video of Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano kicking off 2020—the Year from Hell.And, finally, video of Michael Matt’s son and RTV producer learning to walk again after having lost his leg in 2020. What’s the takeaway? If you’re discouraged, afraid or, God forbid, ready to surrender, Watch. This. Video!