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Biden Crime Boss – Don Joe

 Don Suber

For 4 years, the media has parroted the Democrat line that President Donald John Trump is not a normal president. And as Biden prepares to steal the presidency from the American people, we now see what the media meant by normal.
It is not what the Founding Fathers envisioned in a president.
CNBC reported, “The brother to one of President-elect Joe Biden’s closest advisors just picked up Amazon as a new client.
“Jeff Ricchetti, the brother of Biden’s White House counselor Steve Ricchetti, recently secured a lobbying contract with Amazon Web Services, the cloud platform of Amazon and a subsidiary of the tech giant, according to a new lobbying disclosure report.
“The report shows Ricchetti registered to lobby for Amazon Web Services on Nov. 13, just a week after Biden was projected to defeat President Donald Trump. Ethics attorneys have previously told CNBC that Steve Ricchetti, who was also once a lobbyist over a decade ago, may have to recuse himself from matters that could impact his brother’s clients.
“A person familiar with the brothers’ relationship said they keep their professional lives entirely separate and that Jeff Ricchetti would never lobby Steve Ricchetti.”
To paraphrase Salvatore Tessio from the Godfather, it is nothing personal, just politics.
You gotta take care of your family first.
And the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, just took care of the family of Biden’s consigliere. There is no need for the brothers to speak. We all know what just happened. Bezos’s phone calls will be returned. If there is an anti-trust lawsuit against Amazon, it will be for show as was the Microsoft anti-trust lawsuit under Bush 41.
Red China already paid off Biden via his idiot son. Biden’s brother shares in selling influence.
But everyone in Washington it seems is connected to Ukraine, which hired Pelosi’s son to promote soccer in a soccer-mad nation.
Everyone knows this because this public knowledge. Who knows what evil lurks elsewhere? 
No one except President Trump and Rudy Giuliani care. The latter broke up the mafia in New York City. The Five Families were amateurs compared to our government.
The senators and representatives and judges and justices are all in on the deal. They joked about Biden being D-MBNA when MBNA hired his son as a lobbyist when Biden was re-writing bankruptcy law, which is extremely important to lenders.
They laughed when he bragged to the Council On Foreign Relations about withholding a billion bucks in aid until Ukraine fired the prosecutor who wanted to prosecute the company that put Biden’s wastrel son, age 50, on the payroll.
They impeached President Trump for blowing the whistle on this.
Mitch McConnell talked President Trump into having an actual trial because he did not want to risk a gang war with Democrats that could expose all the corruption in Washington. The Five Families of DC have an unstated truce.
That was why Senate Republicans failed to act when Comey let Hillary off the hook for espionage. Those emails were not missing. She sold state secrets to Red China and others. No one in DC cared.
That was in 2016. 
2020 was worse.
The steal of the election will do one of two things. Either it will break this stranglehold corruption has on our government, or it will not.
The Democrat Party wanted Bernie Sanders to be president. Biden and company stole the nomination from him just as Hillary did in 2016.
The Republican Party wanted Donald Trump to be president. The party leaders stole the presidency from him after failing to do so in 2016.
People call what we have in Washington the Uniparty. Foreign countries and Corporate America know the power of the people is no match for stacks of greenbacks.
If I were in Georgia, I would vote for Republican Kelly Loeffler and Democrat Raphael Warnock on January 5.
Loeffler is corrupt as hell, as she used classified information to pull out of the stock market just before the covid 19 stock market crash.
Warnock is Jeremiah Wright without the sanity. A more racist senator we have not had since Bob Byrd died.
But their opponents are even worse because they are media approved. Anyone the media vouches for is not to be trusted.
I really do not mean to depress readers but I try to tell the truth as best as I know it. Deep in my heart, I know we will get through this.
And we will come out better.
But it requires time, resolve, and a lot of thinking outside the box. Give the devil his due. He made corruption normal in Washington. He is quite clever.